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Mesa Arizona Paranormal Society

Welcome Paranormal enthuses,

My name is Ryan Howard, I started this site in search for the truth beyond what is life. Too investigate and better understand Paranormal Activity. To sort out what is paranormal or just the mind playing tricks. To help those better understand what may be residing in their homes. Give comfort to families that may not be able to cope with the knowledge something not living may be in their presence. Too weave out whether the entity is curious, harmful, residual, or intelligent. If a spirit seems to be harmful or malicious, then direct action needs to be taken for safety of the family. We started M.A.P.S for both the needs of families and the respect of the nonliving. M.A.P.S will be out for the truth, to capture what can’t be seen, what can’t be heard. We bring professionalism and high tech equipment designed especially for hunting the paranormal.

M.A.P.S is a place for researchers to share their stories and findings.  Feel free to interact and contribute to our research!

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