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Lead Investigator / Founder

I’m Ryan Howard, Founder of M.A.P.S or Mesa Arizona Paranormal Society. I like to start off by telling a little about myself. I am 29, residing in Mesa, AZ.  As a kid I have always been curious on what’s on the other side of life.  As an adult my interest has only peaked to the highest elevation on whether or not there is life after death or even a parallel to the things we see and those we sense.  Through research and investigation I plan to find out these facts.


Lead Investigator / Spiritual ~ Home Blessings / Co-Founder

Our names or Don and Penny Moxley, since we've been together we have seen some pretty strange things. Such as phones dialing each other, my wifes hair being pulled, hearing yelling in our ears, knowing no one is there. We have always enjoyed watching Paranormal shows, getting new ideas and learning what not to do.

Historian / Investigator

My name is Aubrey Howard, I’ve been dealing with spirits most of my life. I never quite understood the paranormal aspect until I started investigating with my husband. The more research and history I acquire, helps bring a broader knowledge for each case. The investigations we do I fall in love with more and more each case. I do what I can to understand paranormal claims and even to help if I can.

Case Manager / Investigator

My name is Lacey Mckay I always had a interest in the paranormal since I was a kid I have had my share of interaction with spirits and I always wanted to know why they are still here . That is why I joined this team to be able to get some answers.

Tech Manager / Investigator

Investigator in Training

Hello! I'm Sydney. I sing, act, and I am a licensed aesthetician and Certified Laser Tech! I have been sensitive to the paranormal since I can remember. In high school I discovered the show Ghost Hunters and knew that I wanted to do that, too! I love the idea of being able to help people, here, and in the next world. I am too excited to be a part of this wonderful group and to be able to hone my skills as a sensitive.

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