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Two Common Types of Hauntings

Posted by Ryan B Howard on March 17, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Residual Haunting

The more common type of haunting (residential, resorts, or public buildings) or referred to as Residual Hauntings. In this type of haunting, we can think of a movie, playing over and over again. Paranormal energies go through this repeating cycle usually unaware that any one, are anything is around. Residual Hauntings are more likely to occur if a tragic event has taken place, such as suicide, murder or even unexplained death. Residual Hauntings leave what I would refer to as a Paranormal Imprint.



Intelligent Haunting

Another type of haunting is known as Intelligent Hauntings. In this type of haunting spirits or entities, are known to be aware. It is believed that intelligent spirits can communicate through means of no bodied voices, or picked up through EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is also believed that Intelligent Hauntings, are able to move objects, open and close doors, turn lights on and off, make soft or loud foot steps, bang or scratch on walls, etc. When I think Intelligent Haunting, two things come to mind. One, a spirit with enough energy, it can make itself noticed. Two, a spirit aware of it’s surroundings and willing and able to make contact.



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